First, we appreciate all the support we have been receiving for the past few years for Wisdom & Royalty. A lot has been going on and Man-Sa had a few things on his mind which you can hear in our latest single, No Material. This track is listed under the reggae genre. We have been transparent and will continue to be transparent with this process. Man-Sa, formally known as Magadon, revealed his name switch the first day of 2021, find out more on this brand new artist here. We found the instrumental for this song last year and Man-Sa wrote and recorded to it right away. We released the unofficial promo version midsummer 2020 to see how people would react. Many from our inner circle requested a clean track (without tag in the background) and we were also advised by one of our music associates to look into joining Distrokid when releasing new music. If we’re going to dabble in music, why not go all the way? If you take too many shortcuts you will end up short with no cut. So, we bought the beat, be sure to checkout Wizical Beatz, they have an amazing line up of beats that we like. However, this one in particular was the sound we needed for ‘No Material‘. This has been an incredible learning curve and experience for us both. We both love music and experimenting with sounds, so you can also expect beats from us in the future. We’ve been operating from a self-taught journey stance utilizing online resources to maximize our skills. We hope to share more articles in the future to help other inspiring artists like ourselves find information easier. You have to brace yourself for this wealth of knowledge. Are you willing to take this journey with us?


As our first official single, ‘No Material’ represents Wisdom and Royalty to the core, we feel you should take a listen for yourself! Purchase our single, Man-Sa – No Material (ft. Nikita Sky) currently available on Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more to come.

Thinking about joining DistroKid? CLICK HERE TO USE OUR REFERRAL CODE!

Please share with as many people as you can so we can rack up these responses! Are you a music artist or manage artists streaming on the same platforms? Comment your music pages you’d like followed below in the comment section.

Author: Wisdom And Royalty

Lifestyle | Networking | Blog Wisdom and Royalty aims to establish a network of collaborations through other creatives from the African diaspora.

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