Interested in Getting Featured?

Our WizBlog dives into several categories with the purpose of highlighting those of the African descent and providing a positive platform for those creatives to share their content. Sometimes it can be difficult to find placement and we want to bridge that gap by opening up our website to feature other creatives.

Are you someone with a passion for writing? Do you have a business you would like to advertise? Are you an artist looking for somewhere to promote your work? Do you have an interesting story you would like to share?

Looking for somewhere to get featured? We have several categories to choose your niche.



Before you go any further, we are not here to waste your time. We are just here to connect our networks. Please read our guidelines on content submission as well as our submission and review process in order to get featured. If you like what you see, please submit your request using the form at the bottom of the page.


We here at Wisdom and Royalty strive to create a platform beneficial to our brand and our supporters representing those of the African Diaspora. We consider this to be an advantageous networking opportunity. We want to share the spotlight! We are self-taught in most of our skills and know there are other people who are the same, so why not share the wealth in knowledge? Let’s get you featured today!

What kind of content are we looking for?

Wisdom and Royalty aims to publish original content curated from those of the African Diaspora from all ranges. Therefore, content must be tied in some way to benefit the African Diaspora. The best way to show support is to feature others who are working towards the same goal. We invite you to join in on our journey to lift each other up. We are currently accepting content for the following topics: Art, Artist Appreciation, Business Appreciation, Events, Fashion & Beauty, Finance & Branding, Fitness, Gaming, Health & Wellness, History, Love, Music & Travel.

Where can you find your featured content?

Any guest posts accepted after review can be found on our WizBlog in the category of the topic chosen.


  1. Once your guest post has been published on our Wisdom and Royalty website for at least 10 calendar days, you may post it on your own site with a canonical link to the URL of the published article on the Wisdom and Royalty website.
  2. Guest posts should include reliable data. When quoting others, please cite the source.
  3. You are allowed to include one “follow” link to your website (homepage, blog, pricing page, etc.)
  4. We require at least 3 photos with each submission in relation to the content you are submitting. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use image/video and/or any other material from outside sources. Only send images/videos for which you have permission to use, if within a public domain- Cite your source!
  5. In our opinion, quality over quantity, we’re not too big on word count. When it comes from your mind, just let it flow but do make sure it is at least 1000 words. Also, use short paragraphs no more than 3 to 5 sentences per paragraph.


To submit a guest post pitch, fill in the form below with the following details:

  • Your Contact Details
  • Author Short Bio and Photo(150*150px)
  • Topic Titles of your Suggested Content
  • Links to your Previous Work
  • 3 Images related to the article
  • Social Media Handles (all that apply)
  • Website (if applicable)

All guest posts will be reviewed and approved by Wisdom and Royalty prior to posting. Wisdom and Royalty reserves the right to reject any content if it does not match our content standards.