The idea behind Wisdom and Royalty is to inspire and unite all creatives through example. This website serves as a platform to showcase our many talents while promoting other individuals to do the same, in hopes of establishing a network of collaborations. This concept came about between 2014/2015 with multiple trial and errors. Finally, we decided to launch as a website in 2019. A few projects in the making include Clothing Line, Video Games, books, and of course music for now.

“Overtime, I have realized that there  is no limit to what I am capable of learning, as long as I am willing and able. I apply this logic to my daily living and want to share my variety of talents with everyone as a result of this logic. So here we are… Enjoy!”

           -Nikita Sky, Founder

Meet the dynamic duo, also power couple behind the idea of Wisdom And Royalty, Nikita Gabay and Malik Bradley