Nikita Sky


Nikita  Sky’   Gabay

Nikita Sky is a rising creative from North New Jersey in her late 20s, now based in New York . Her family is from Jamaica and she loves to mix her culture in everything she does. She is vibrant and full of soul with a work ethic far past average. It was only a matter of time before Nikita Sky gained the necessary exposure to reach multilevel platforms. Her ambition allowed her to uncover new talents with the ability to soar to newer heights beyond belief. She has always loved being around people and helping as many as she possibly can. Coming from a family with many talents, she has always been surrounded by home entertainment. She understood that entertainment is her true passion in life. Her main goal is to keep dreams alive and give hope to talented individuals aspiring for their dreams.

Nikita Sky performing at Energy 22 in Springfield,NJ

Nikita Sky let go of keeping her voice to herself and decided it was time to reveal her talent to the world with an effort in spreading her message of peace, love and positivity using the world of entertainment as an outlet. She participated in a few fashion shows modeling during college and decided to take it seriously in 2012. From then until now she has branded herself as a model, actress, musician, motivator, vacationer, and host with many more talents to unveil. Nikita Sky has been writing songs since high school and decided to start making music in the beginning of 2014. Since then she has been receiving an unwavering amount of support from people all over. Her positive energy can be felt through her music. She continues to look for different avenues to further herself in her career and takes advantage of social networking. Reaching out to different people for support as well as returning that support has never been an issue it just expands her fan base. Nikita Sky’s sounds are uniquely mastered for everyone’s enjoyment and fit the universal category.



A few of her projects include her as a featured model for clothing and accessories for the LDuncan Apparel website in 2013. She got her feet wet in the acting field towards the end of 2013 by doing a few background extra roles in the Fox TV show, The Following starring Kevin Bacon and in the film Run All Night starring Liam Nesson. Nikita Sky has experience interning at events as well, she helped with organizing NBA player, Dwayne Wade’s book signing event for ‘A Father First’ at MIST in Harlem, NY in 2012.  In the summer of 2014, she hit the runway for Music Meets Runway Fashion and Music Industry Mashup through The Industry Alternative at Sho Lounge in Elizabeth, NJ. Nikita Sky also modeled in the LN House of Fashion Runway which was hosted by Kaylin Garcia at Allure Lounge in Newark, NJ. She assisted photoshoots with familiar faces in the industry such as Karen Civil, Angela Yee, Lil Bibby, etc. In 2015, she graced a beautiful stage with her soothing personality and won the title of Miss Tropical Paradise International 2015. Nikita Sky has been featured on a few tracks and her most popular single, an original track, Jump and Bubble Down can be heard on SoundCloud and YouTube. Her style of music incorporates dancehall, soul, pop and hip hop.

Introduction Segment of Miss Tropical Paradise International Beauty Pageant at the SandCastle Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Upon receiving the title of Miss Tropical Paradise International 2015, Nikita has had the honor of attending a wide range of prestigious events held throughout NY as a talent or as a distinguished guest.

Some of these events include local fashion shows, award shows, release parties, etc. What she has in store for the future is limitless, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new artist.

“My talent cannot  simply be one path, of course I must explore different avenues.”

-Nikita Sky