Did You Know? Aloe Vera leaf is packed with benefits!

If you haven’t tried Aloe Vera yet, I advise you to head over to your local grocery story and pick up a leaf after you read this post. Once you get past peeling off the skin and placing it in a container… your options are limitless. Last year over the summer, I broke out in the worst hives I ever experienced while working at the gym. I remember they had gotten so bad that I ended up taking off a few days to figure it out. It’s not the best look to greet people and handle daily customer service tasks when your skin flares to the texture of hot cheetos. The slight exaggeration is necessary because I was crushed, it only went up to my neck but from there to my knees. I didn’t assume it was anything serious because it didn’t itch and I felt no pain. However, the blotchiness was alarming, and due to my upbringing if I am ailing, I always look to natural remedies for relief. Tylenol or headache pills never really do the job, as a matter of fact it usually makes my headaches worst. Let me know in the comments below if this is the same for you.

Graphics by @nikitaskydraws

Plants and herbs however, is our medicine. We just have to do a little more digging to know which plants provide which benefits. So, I started looking up what can be used to treat hives. I had a lot of people suggesting different things, over the counter applications but nothing worked. Then, there was aloe vera, I was always familiar with aloe vera but ignorant to it’s many uses. I gave it a try, peeled some up and literally soaked my skin in aloe vera for about 3 to 4 days straight. The results were so impressive that I just began using aloe vera for everything! My skin was healed and rejuvenated, super smooth and has stayed that way consistently to this day. A leaf is good for like 3 days depending on what you’re using it for. I use it in my hair, on skin, in my smoothies, in my water, in my mouthwash in EVERYTHING! Talk about all in one, in just one leaf? I love that it isn’t sticky when it dries up and how afforadable it is, Aloe vera juice is my best source for hydration aside from water.

Author: Nikita Sky

Creative Artist Specializing in Graphic Design & Digital Art. Singer/Songwriter - Model - Host - Motivator - Title Holder [Still in progress: Animator, Voice Actress, Video Editor, Producer, Blogger]

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