Embark on a Criminal Odyssey: Mafia: Sahrani – An Arma 3 Mod That Redefines Organized Crime

Here at Wisdom and Royalty we are thrilled to unveil “Mafia: Sahrani,” yet another  groundbreaking modification for Arma 3 developed by our very own Man-Sa. An interactive experience that plunges players into an immersive and captivating criminal underworld. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through the fictional island of Sahrani, where danger, intrigue, and organized crime reign supreme.

Explore a Dynamic Open World

Mafia: Sahrani offers an expansive open world for players to explore and conquer. Dive deep into the intricate details of Sahrani’s cities, towns, and rural areas, each meticulously incorporated into the story to deliver a rich and immersive environment. Whether you’re navigating the streets of Corozal or venturing into the rugged countryside, every step you take in this world will bring you closer to the heart of the criminal underworld.

Become a Notorious Mobster

Step into the shoes of a rising mobster looking to make their mark in the criminal hierarchy. Build your criminal empire by engaging in various illicit activities, such as smuggling contraband, carrying out heists, and running lucrative businesses. Your decisions and actions will shape your reputation and determine your success or downfall in the treacherous world of organized crime.

Mafia Sahrani Fight Scene 2

Immerse Yourself in Gripping Storylines

Mafia: Sahrani presents players with an intricate web of interconnected storylines that will keep you engaged and eager for more. Unravel the mysteries of the island as you delve into the dark secrets of rival gangs, corrupt officials, and power-hungry individuals. Join Mauricio in an intricate plot that will transform as the story progresses, watch as the actions taken in the story have profound effects later on with the outcomes, offering a unique and unexpected narrative experience.

Mafia Sahrani Fight Scene 3

Strategic Gameplay and Intense Firefights

Prepare for intense tactical combat scenarios and gripping firefights as you navigate the treacherous world of Mafia: Sahrani. Utilize a wide array of authentic weaponry, vehicles, and equipment to outsmart your enemies.

Drawing Inspiration from the Classics: A Homage to the Original Mafia and More

When creating “Mafia: Sahrani,” the mod developer Man-Sa (AKA Magadon93) wanted to pay homage to the classics that left an indelible mark on gaming history. Inspired by iconic titles like the original Mafia, James Bond games, Call of Duty: Allied Assault, and the legendary Freedom Fighters, this project was a labor of love, blending elements from these games to create a unique and compelling experience.

Immersive Soundscapes and Musical Nostalgia

To capture the essence of these iconic games, iconic soundtracks have been  incorporated into the campaign. Thanks to the contributions of talented modders such as ooIVenomIoo, Gruntini, and Dr.Bagel, players will be enveloped in a familiar audio atmosphere. The memorable tunes will evoke nostalgia while enhancing the immersive storytelling of “Mafia: Sahrani.”

Inspired by the Original Mafia’s Storytelling

The original Mafia game, released back in 2004 on the PS2, left a lasting impression on many PS2 era games, especially its exceptional storytelling. Man-Sa strived to recreate that same feeling of being captivated by a compelling narrative in “Mafia: Sahrani.” Although the mod currently lacks voice acting and cutscenes, be assured that the story that has been crafted will engage you from start to finish. This original campaign is set in the reimagined historical take on the Arma universe’s island nation of Sahrani, focusing on the world of organized crime.

No Man's Land

An Original Story and Characters

In “Mafia: Sahrani,” you’ll encounter a cast of original characters, each with their own unique stories and motivations. While there might be coincidences in naming, rest assured that every character has been meticulously crafted to contribute to the immersive world of organized crime on Sahrani. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll unravel the secrets, rivalries, and treachery that define the criminal underworld.

  • Mafia Sahrani 13
  • Who Dares...Wins
  • Fear&Loathing
  • Mafia Sahrani 17
  • Mafia Sahrani 19
  • Mafia Sahrani 16

The Kingdom of Sahrani: A Rich and Turbulent History

The rich history of the Kingdom of Sahrani stretches back centuries, with a tapestry of events, conflicts, and cultural interactions shaping the destiny of the nation. From its early beginnings to the present day, Sahrani has experienced triumphs, challenges, and profound changes that have shaped its identity.

In the year 1520, King Mangbajambo al Shefri of the Kuri Kingdom arrived on the island now known as Rahmadi. However, he and his party soon departed, leaving behind a small settlement of approximately 100 people. It is believed that King Mangbajambo met his fate at the hands of a Portuguese slaving expedition that same year.

Twenty-five years later, in 1545, Francisco De Corazol from the Empire of Spain arrived and settled in what is now Corazol. Unaware of the existing community on Rahmadi, the Spanish began to establish their presence. Contact was eventually established with the Kuri people in 1550, leading to the eruption of the First Kuri-Espano War, driven by land disputes and slavery issues.

The conflict came to a close in 1560, with the Spanish realizing the extent of the Kuri population residing in what is now Sorotto. Forced to declare peace, they acknowledged the Kuri Kingdom’s strength.

Over time, migration from Italy brought new settlers to the northern regions of what would become the Kingdom of Sahrani. Emora and Masbete were established as Italian settlements around 1620, adding further diversity to the region.

However, tensions rose again, and the Second Kuri-Espano War erupted. This time, the Spanish formed alliances with the newly arrived Italians, leading to the near-destruction of the Kingdom of Sokoko (Sorotto). Yet, Pope Frigoberto Constantini II intervened and abruptly ended the fighting in 1650.

The Kingdom of Sahrani was formally established in 1665, marking a new chapter in the island’s history. Nevertheless, the Sokoko people (Kuri) endured a period of enslavement, casting a dark shadow over the kingdom.

In 1840, the Sahrani Civil War erupted. Sahrani found itself at odds with the changing global sentiment on slavery, and the conflict became a battle for the nation’s identity. With international intervention from the United Kingdom, United States, and Italy supporting Sahrani, and the Ottoman Empire and Ethiopia aiding Sorotto, the war raged on for two decades, leaving the nation fractured and in turmoil.

The Sahrani Civil War concluded in 1870, leaving the nation in a precarious state. However, in 1890, the Second Sahrani Civil War broke out. The Sorottan people, comprising Afro-Asiatic and Semitic individuals from Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia, demanded independence, arguing that it would be in the best interest of all involved. The ensuing suppression war resulted in Sorotto gaining independence and becoming its own nation.

While war engulfed Europe in 1914, Sahrani and Sorotto declared a stalemate, and Sorotto achieved its long-awaited nationhood.

In 1920, Mauricio Strataglia, a key figure in the future events, was born.

The year 1943 marked the beginning of the Sahrini-Sorotto border war, a conflict that would have profound consequences for both nations. The following year, the Disaster at Ortego occurred, a significant battle involving Mauricio Strataglia. The Sahrani forces, outmatched by the Sorottan firepower, suffered a devastating rout, leading to an immediate ceasefire and a peace proposition

Prepare for an Unforgettable Experience

With “Mafia: Sahrani,” I’ve endeavored to create an unforgettable mod that combines the best aspects of classic games while adding my own originality and flair. Get ready to step into the shoes of a rising mobster, navigate the dangerous landscape of Sahrani, and forge your path in the criminal underworld. “Mafia: Sahrani” is an immersive experience that aims to captivate and thrill Arma 3 players, bringing back the magic of gaming classics while forging its own unique identity.

–A Quote From the Mod Author, MAN-SA AKA MAGADON93

We invite all Arma players to try out “Mafia: Sahrani” mod today and provide feedback to help improve future updates. We appreciate the community’s support in bringing this mod to life and hope it provides hours of enjoyment for players.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy! You can also check out our article on “The Chronicles of Estevanico”  detailing yet another amazing mod created by Man-Sa. Feel free to check out Mansartisan Gaming Channel some time soon!

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