Get to Know Up and Coming Film Director Locs of Judah

Locs Of Judah is based in NYC. He is a Videographer, Photographer, and Owner of Access Denied Productions a small business here in NY. Locs of Judah is a content creator striving to show the world his creative talents and empower his people while exposing the lies that have been told to the African Diaspora about our history.

We are excited to open up the month of August to an exclusive interview with Locs of Judah! Thank you so much for joining us! Your work is inspirational and we are glad to have connected with you in Tanzania 2021. Malik and I have a few questions we put together for our audience to get to know you. 

W&R: First thing, introduce yourself, who are you?

Locs of Judah: My name is Locs Of Judah and I’m a Filmmaker, Photographer, and Content Creator.

W&R: What truly inspires you in the world today to keep pushing?

L: To strive to complete all my goals and build a future foundation for my legacy so my future generation could inherit. 

W&R: What current events have your attention at the moment and how does this affect your work?

L: Well, what’s going on in the world right is having my focus because we are in the last days of a new beginning on planet earth and all the events right now are adding to biblical prophecy.  The Events is not affecting my work because life continues and I am protected by The Most High Creator so I have to just walk by faith and by fear.

W&R: Can you talk about the different services you offer?

L: Sure, the services I provide are video creation and Portraits Photos. For example, I can create a video for businesses such as real estate, Medical, or any business that needs a video promotion for their business.  I could work on Music Videos, Fitness, and any Instagram videos for my clients. I do Dramatic Portraits, Fashion and Fitness photoshoots.

W&R: So, how long have you been in film and photography, where did you start?

L: I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. I just started my freelance business and am looking for clients to make things happen. So I could move forward and move to Africa and continue the journey.  I have started everything here in NY and my goal is to expand my business overseas.

W&R: The person behind the lens always has vision, how does your vision align with those of the African diaspora? What do you hope people take from your work?

L:  I want to showcase Africa in many ways like Documentaries and by Vlogging. Africa has so many stories to tell from history and biblically. I also want to vlog around the continent to show the truth about Africa and help the African diaspora exodus back home from Babylon. These are my goals.

W&R: Have you tried tracing your roots? If so, what do you identify yourself as?

L: Yes The Most High put in my spirit to trace my DNA of lineage. When I going through my spiritual awakening I was curious to see if my roots trace back to Africa but most importantly back to the biblical Israelites, and the results were surprising to me that my DNA fits the history of the biblical Israelites migrating from North East Africa into West and East Africa. So identify myself as a Hebrew Israelite from the seed of Jacob. We are not Afro Americans, Black Americans, Ni**ers, or Black, We are Hebrews from the lineage of Abraham.

W&R: Where can we find more information about you?

L: You can find me on Instagram @locsofjudah and @thedigitalshooter. Youtube: Locs of Judah and my other YT channel @ Access Denied Productions

W&R: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what gems can you advise for any beginners reading this?

L: I see myself in the next 5 years as a successful Entrepreneur in my craft of video and photo production with a powerhouse team of creators and other like-minded business personalities. Living in Africa building my Kingdom, owning my acres of land, and adding my business into Africa to provide more business opportunities on the Continent, plus being part of a growing Africa.

L: My advice to the people is to don’t give up on your goals, keep pushing forward, listen to your spirit and follow your roadmap to success. The road is not easy but the reward is going to be priceless. 

W&R: We love to see our people embellishing their talents providing hope and inspiration for other creatives, after all, that is our goal here at Wisdom and Royalty, establishing a network of collaborations through other creatives from the African Diaspora. Do you have any upcoming news or projects for our audience to look forward to?

L: Likewise, this is just the beginning of working with each other and we will be collaborating in the MotherLand. I have a possible future project in Jamaica coming up in October. Yah willing I get to complete the Documentary about the Maroons in Jamaica from Charlestown and Moortown. My Mom’s side of the family is the Maroons who rebelled in Jamaica and started a War with the British soldiers. So if I don’t finish the project definitely there will be a vlog about my stay in Jamaica and some history about my family history on the island of the maroons. Stay tuned.

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