Get to Know Jamaican International Model Kesha Black

Jamaican International Model Kesha Black

Wisdom and Royalty is thankful to have the opportunity to get to know a little more about Jamaican Model, Kesha Blackwood. She has graced many Fashion Week runways, she is featured in multiple magazine editorials and can be seen in music videos leaving her footprint internationally. We can’t deny her height at 6ft with her specialties in High Fashion and Couture. We gathered a few questions that we’d love to share for more people to get to know this rising superstar, Kesha Blackwood.

W&R: Tell me about your modeling career.

K: I love everything about modeling, from the runway to make up, photograph, event , traveling, meet on greet Etc. modeling has taken me places that I have never been before. Modeling is a lot, not as easy as how people see it, being Black you have to work twice as hard! You have to be ready at all times, give it all you got, and just remember to be yourself, don’t sell out, stand out. One love my people!

W&R: Was modeling a childhood dream? If  not, what led you to become a model?

K: Modeling was not a childhood dream, I got inspired by the people on the street, everywhere I go I was told you should be a model, I even got stopped to take photo and signed autograph, that’s when I really got in to modeling.

W&R: What are three words that describe your personality?

K: Beautiful, Confident and Ambitious

W&R: What do you think about the importance of self-confidence?

K: It is very important that you have self- confidence in what ever you do, you have to believe in yourself and know that you can conquer any challenges or task that come your way, never think for a minute that you can’t do something.

W&R: What advice would you give to aspiring models?

K: Put God first! You must always be passionate and love what you’re doing! Stay focused, be humble and be patient.

W&R: What would you say to parents with children who are interested in modeling?

K: As parents, you should always support your child and help them make their dreams become reality.

W&R: What is on your mind before walking on a runway?

K: I pray, and also how I’m going to give them a show to remember!

W&R: Tell us about your first modeling gig and your most recent modeling gig. What has changed within you to date?

K: My first modeling gig was in Chicago, the fashion show was beautiful I had a good time, The concept of the show was all Jamaican colors. Now I do a lot more shows I’m traveling more, the feeling is amazing I give thank for it all.

W&R: What has been your biggest challenge when it comes to modeling?

K: One of my biggest challenges that I have done was doing a photo shoot in brutal cold weather in Chicago.

W&R: What is your most memorable experience to date that you’ve had in your modeling journey?

K: Oh my, so many. Italy, Europe, Jamaica, New York, Bahamas, Chicago fashion week was all amazing.

W&R: What was your modeling experience in Europe like?

K: Europe was amazing , the fashion shows the people, they really appreciate Black models. The love was beautiful, I really loved it there, I had a good time.

  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black at Adrian Alicea Fall 2019 NYFW
  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black at Couture Fashion Week 2016
  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black at Milan Fashion Week

W&R: Who is your biggest inspiration?

K: Grace Jones

W&R: How has being from Jamaica impacted your modeling success?

K: Jamaica has proven to be an undeniable influence on the modeling industry. It is amazing being a Jamaican model the love is beautiful. Especially when I travel and meet all these people.

Jamaican International Model Kesha Black

W&R: Have you considered any professions outside of modeling?

K: Yes, I believe you should always have other professions, if one doesn’t work then do the other. For me, that would be a hairdresser, I love doing hair.

W&R: Have you been compared to any well-known models? If so, who?

K: Grace Jones, Alek Wek and Naomi Campbell

W&R: What else would you want people to know about yourself?

K: In my spare time, I dress up and take photos and work on my poses, walk, because I always aim to be better and different!

  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black
  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black
  • Jamaican International Model Kesha Black Jamaican International Model Kesha Black

W&R: Which season is your most active in doing modeling gigs?

K: For me, I would say summer and fall season I am more active.

W&R: Has it been easier or harder to get gigs since the pandemic?

K: Since the pandemic things have changed big time, not a lot of shows, no flights. People were very scared of this virus.

W&R: Tell us about your style.

K: I love to be different, I love color, love a sexy confident look.

Jamaican International Model Kesha Black

W&R: Do you have any events coming up that you’ll be a part of?

K: No events at this time.

W&R: Which social media platform are you most active on?

K: Instagram and Facebook

W&R: Where can people view your work?

K: Instagram: @model_kb

W&R: How can people contact you for bookings?


How do we personally know Kesha?

Nikita Sky personally knows Kesha through pageantry. One of her most memorable moments she recalls with Kesha was the night before the 2015 Miss Tropical International Paradise Pageant where she was practicing her questions outside by the pool. Kesha joined her and they began bouncing questions off of each other working together for their big competition the next day. It showed her heart and they’ve been cool with each other since, it’s never a dull moment at any gigs these two link up in. Malik met her through countless fashion/award shows and events through his support for Nikita that Kesha has attend as well. Kesha is a rising talent from Jamaica that both Nikita and Malik are extremely proud of and thrilled to shine a spotlight on her successes!

Checkout Kesha Here in K-Vybes aka Brick Rose Official Music Video “As He Made You”

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