Madonna Williams is Aunty Diva!

Diva Madonna, Photo Credit to @DeezFilmz

Written By: Nikita Gabay

Jamaican Born Celebrity Blogger/Stylist/Radio Host, Madonna Williams aka Diva Madonna, has taken on a new hat, “Aunty Diva”. How could I not highlight this touching story? Interning with the Diva last year at her clothing boutique, GlamSense Diva’s Beauty Bar, was nothing short of amazing, I got to experience her humanitarianism first hand while at her assistance. One of the first events that she was gearing up for when I began interning was a Valentine’s Day Event that she put on for a homeless shelter. I remember how excited she was to do it and no one asked her to. She brought her Glam Squad and gave them a fashion show. We made over the ladies present and she allowed them to keep the outfits that they modeled in. The joy on their faces alone made it a sweet moment. Fast forward to the end of 2019 and we have another charitable event with the Carol Maraj Foundation, in which she partnered with to contribute gifts and entertainment to yet another homeless shelter.

As a matter of fact, we first met at one of her awards show ceremonies in 2016. The Image Entertainment and Distinction Awards produced by Madonna Williams, where she highlights entertainers and the humanitarians of our community while delivering a stellar presentation due to her keen eye in fashion. Can someone please nominate her for her own humanitarian award already? I have watched this woman take the clothes off her back and give to others. I don’t think she has gone without giving and you really need to highlight her efforts. While she is giving back she is also moving steadfast in her career becoming a known celebrity stylist in Jamaica, NY, LA, Canada, etc. Most recently recognized as one of Jamaica’s Best and Most Influential People for their 58th celebration.

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What makes her “Aunty Diva” now?

Diva Madonna felt the urge to give back to her community and found a way to do so by starting a mentoring program for underprivileged youths in Jamaica. When you grow up lacking financial resources you know what it feels like to not have. My family is from Jamaica and have dealt with the pain of struggling. Unfortunately, there are a lot of families who just don’t have the means. Why should that be a deterrence? It takes a village to raise a child. As a part of this mentoring experience, Aunty Diva is providing an emotional support chat, monthly assistance in transportation costs, school supplies(backpack, notebooks, ruler, etc), IPod Tablet for each child she mentors.

We here at Wisdom and Royalty wanted to highlight this as a touching moment as we watch the progression of her actions. It started with a thought, with your help it can become a movement.

So far she has raised half of her goal and she is still taking donations. For those that have donated, the responses from these youth have been heartfelt. If you are the parent of a youth in Jamaica, or know of a youth in Jamaica in a binding situation who would need this kind of assistance please contact Madonna Williams via direct message. NO SCAMS, stories will be checked, this is serious, they need the support now more than ever and Aunty Diva is here to help them!

By: Nikita Gabay of W&R

Author: Wisdom And Royalty

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