For the Love of Reggae Coming Soon!

For the love of Reggae is a documentary series which explores the evolution of reggae music from its early origins as a popular form of folk music, with influences in ska and rocksteady, to its ultimate cultural and political dominance on the island of Jamaica and throughout the world.

Viewers will relive the explosively infectious beginnings of reggae music through its legendary performers, visionary producers, as well as inspiring melodies and messages which captured a people, a nation, and unforeseen generations.

An entertaining as well as educational documentary series, For the Love of Reggae, which will be internationally distributed, will also spotlight a host of today’s exciting new stars and be the subject of a compilation album to be produced by Sly Dunbar and Anthony Redrose.

If interested in investing and/or participating in sponsorship, please click for website below:

For additional information on this once in a lifetime documentary series,
please contact: Marcia Deans email

I got to get the inside scoop from some of the legendary artists themselves on how they feel about being featured in the For the Love of Reggae Movie at the 2019 Kwanzaa Film Festival thanks to Marcia Deans and SkunkHouseRadio. #PressPlay -Nikita Sky of W&R

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