HIGHLIGHTS – The Launch of Akiddie- Digital Collection of African stories in different languages.

Several sources have mentioned actions of this 23 year young native of Lagos, Nigeria, Dominic Onyekachi, with the most recent source being CNN where I discovered this amazing read of an article on Friday, August 21st of last week. So exactly who is Dominic Onyekachi? Dominic is an example of creating opportunity based off what he felt what was necessary. I am not going to paraphrase the article, however, we just want to shine light on this young man for taking a leap all while tapping into his creativity. While reading to his niece, he realized how little representation there was as an African, yet, so much cultural diversity. So he came up with akiddie, a digital collection of African children stories in different languages, partnering up with Tolulope Wojuola and Fanan Dala where they successfully launched this project in May of this year. Now, how amazing is that? We at Wisdom and Royalty acknowledge and appreciate your efforts as a team, continue spreading your light! If the box is not there for you to select, then create your own box. After reading the full article in the link below, let us know what you think in our comment section!

Read original article from CNN here

Akiddie is available as a subscription based service for African childrens’ books online and downloadable by app. These young brothers saw a problem and created a solution. From Dominic’s research he pointed out that in Lagos, 7 of 300 schools he looked up had any form of a library due to varying issues (space, costs, etc). These books can be accessed in English, French, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Also, the platform has a feature that lets users view an illustrated story in 360 degrees as well as a data tracking feature. If this seems like something you’re interested in for your child or students, you can view more info directly on the website from the link below.

Click here to access website

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