When Love Is Meant To Be, It Will Be.

Cherish Each Other's Company

Our love story is based off the saying, if it is meant to be, it will be. “Why so?” You ask. Let us take you back to the beginning of 2014, Union, NJ at Chino’s spot. Both Nikita and Malik are quite the social butterflies and although they were only a hop, skip and a town away from each other they had finally crossed paths with each other. Nikita was hanging out in the area when Malik stopped by. It was such a cliche moment where they both locked eyes with each other on the front porch. They exchanged a few words, but not enough to reconnect. Their connection was so deep that they forgot the mere simple things to stay in touch and it was more of a wonder when the next time they would see each other again. Malik was sad that he did not exchange numbers with Nikita but his friend told him not to worry,  if you are meant to see her again, you will see her again.  Nikita was also bummed that she was not more direct, she was so shy that she just remembered he had a slight accent, was very polite and he was good looking.  A year has passed and one morning, Nikita’s good friend Chuck hit her up to hang out. It was one of those mornings that she had a million things to take care of before heading out. Running late she threw on some sweats a light hoodie and poofed her hair up casually thinking she was just hanging out with her good friend but to her surprise the car parked out front was not Chuck’s even though he was in the passenger seat. The person driving the car just happened to be Malik, the same good looking, charismatic Malik that she had met from last year, but they both were still vaguely unaware that they knew of each other. Every time we  pulled up to a corner store or when Chuck would hop out the car for a second, Malik would try to get as many words in with Nikita. They did end up at the studio later that morning and Malik had Nikita’s full attention and wanted nothing but it. Nikita was highly attracted to this young man’s knowledge and character, she enjoyed every moment of his company. That day just happened to be the day before her birthday and Malik invited her to the gym he was working at the time the following morning. Nikita accepted because it was something to do, she wanted to get to know Malik more and it was her birthday so why not. That morning they met up, went to the gym, and Malik offered to take Nikita for a bite at IHOP since it was right there on Route 22. Malik’s birthday is the week after so we celebrated our birthdays together for quite some time. These two have been inseparable ever since, complimenting each other’s talents being there for each other every step of the way.  As time went on, they both realized that they met each other the year before at their mutual friend’s house. It seems that their inner social circles had always been connected. They have been rock steady since March 26, 2015 with consistent progression as they embark on this self made business journey together. This couple hopes to inspire black love through their example. Stay in tune and follow our love journey.

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Author: Wisdom And Royalty

Lifestyle | Networking | Blog Wisdom and Royalty aims to establish a network of collaborations through other creatives from the African diaspora.

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